During the installation/relocation of the 8” water main the GC failed to deliver on the installation if the required concert thrust blocks.
Your team knew of this in advance of me apparently and immediately traveled to purchase/obtain the materials to secure the piping safely, and to provide the water service to Bldg 14F and 14G. They were well prepared this day and performed exactly as scripted, and I’m sure ate lunch in the ditch. They worked past their quitting time even stayed for few minutes after the water was turned on to inspect. This was a tense situation at 2pm with the users on-site, watching and nervous. They handled it perfectly.

Without this immediate action and resolve the water service to 2 occupied animal facilities would have been delayed for many, many more hours.
Please reward; Mike P, James (he should get double), and the rest of the guys in the ditch that day.

They really saved the day.

Chuck Kirby

Kent Island Mechanical has been very professional in all the dealings of my Company with his Company. I have been doing business for at least four years with Mark and I have always been able to count on him and his company to perform and complete the work as to schedule. If things change and or situation arise out of their control, they have always worked with us to come up with solutions on correcting the problem or at least minimizing the critical nature of the situation.

Femi Adebayo

Ijust want to extend my appreciation to Kent Island Mechanical and its employees, who did a wonderful job for ORF/MSB at National Institutes of Health. Their crew worked on a steam expansion joint for us recently that was leaking and causing steam and condensate to heat up the B2 level of the Super Corridor Project. This stopped their project from moving forward and their crews from completing work for NIH. The Kent Island crew; Albert League, Stephen Campbell, Anthony Harman, Jake Powers, Shawn Walsh, Mike Zimmerman, Adam Klein, Joe and Matthew Stafford and Travis Everett came in and removed the old joint and replaced it with a new expansion joint which required a lot of welding that needed to be done. This team was professional and handled the job with passion and commitment in making sure that NIH would have minimum down time of the steam utility, making sure that maintenance could provide heating and steam service to equipment that needed it for the research and hospital community in Old Building 10. I just want to make sure that Maintenance and the Facility Managers extend this letter of special thanks and appreciation out to the Kent Island crew, who provided us with such great service and professionalism, which we always receive from these employees of yours on any job that he does for Maintenance Support Branch (MSB) in the Clinical Center. We thank you for providing support to the Maintenance Support Branch when we needed an extra hand.

Reginald Stewart
Leader for Maintenance Support Branch
Office and Research Facilities-N.I.H

Mark Bowen has provided superior services to Chugach Support Services and their customers at the NIH for the past 5 years, and continues to do so, on a regular basis. Kent Island Mechanical has been an excellent resource by providing quality workmanship, materials, and design that is consistently on schedule. All of the work performed has been done by design build, which Kent Island has proven both knowledgeable and resourceful. It is with the utmost of confidence that I recommend Mark Bowen for whatever work his company may pursue. Should additional information be required I can be reached by one of the means listed below.

Robert Crain
Chugach Support Services

Iwould like to take this opportunity to let you know how pleased we all are to have worked with Kent Island Mechanical on the 5C127 project. Some of the KIM key personnel were Kyle Benjamin – PM, Mike Pistorio – Pluming superintendent, Bobby Linton – Sheet Metal Superintendent, Adam Kline – Sheet Metal foreman, Tim Gehring – Safety Manager.

Our expectations on 5C127 project were very high in order to achieve the end result with no safety issues and complete in a timely manner. The time allowed to complete the project was tight with not much time to install materials once the long lead items were received.

The new exhaust duct located in the shaft was one of those tasks which had a lot of eyes on it. Your supervisors and crew handle this task like a well oiled machine. We could not get NIH materials out of the caged areas fast enough to stay in front of staging the planking and duct installation. A detailed safety plan was required to be reviewed by OMS and NIH before work could commence in the shaft. This was provided in great detail and in a timely manner by Kent Islands Safety Manager.

It was very important to finish the project on a good note so that OMS could be considered for more work in the future. Mr. Bowen the entire OMS team regards Kent Island Mechanical as a preferred contractor on any future projects. Many thanks to you and all your team members.


Michael K. Southall
Program General Manager
Olgoonik Management Services

Manish Patel
Project Manager
Olgoonik Management Services

Robert Tull
Project Superintendent
Olgoonik Management Services

This letter is my personal and professional recommendation for Mark Bowen and his company, Kent Island Mechanical. Over the last several years, I have had the pleasure to work with Mark on projects at the National Institutes of Health Bethesda Campus. He and his company have always been extraordinarily helpful in providing the best integrated solutions, providing the end client with an exceptional, high level of quality on their mechanical construction. They are always willing to share the vast resource of experience and building system knowledge that has been acquired during their long tenure at NIH so that design and construction can proceed in a streamlined fashion: delivering the project on time and on budget. I find that Mark’s professionalism, knowledge of mechanical systems, and their impact on the overall construction process is second to none.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions that you might have regarding this recommendation.

Jeffrey A. Ford
CFR Engineering

It is my pleasure to provide Kent Island Mechanical with a letter of recommendation based on their present and past performances for mechanical services of all types of facilities ranging from Biosaftey Levels Laboratories (BSL – 2,3 and 4); animal facilities; hospital and healthcare facilities, mechanical systems upgrades/ replacements renovations and alterations projects.

I can further state, I have been involved with working directly with Mark Bowen, President of Kent Island Mechanical for all these types of projects for over 15 years now and I’ve been extremely satisfied with the level of expertise and performance he has always provided to the NIH.

Mark is also very familiar with the NI Design Policy and Guidelines, which is very beneficial to assure us that even if the design didn’t include requirement, Mark has requested RFIs during the BID phase in previous projects to be certain this is what NIH really wanted. It’s second means of quality control by knowing what the guidelines and standards are. Please feel free to share the information with.

Paul D. Hawver
Chief of Department of Technical Resources

We would like to take this opportunity to give our highest professional recommendation to Kent Island Mechanical – Mark Bowen. Mark has extensive experience in the installation, troubleshooting and commissioning of building systems, including but not limited to: HVAC, chilled water, electrical systems, compressed air, steam, heating water, pumping systems and controls.

As a result of Mark’s expertise, we have been able to complete many, time sensitive, complex and detailed projects at NIH with the support of Mark’s intimate knowledge of the systems.

Please feel free to call me directly should you have any questions or if you would like to discuss Kent Island Mechanical – Mark Bowen’s qualifications with me personally.

Reardon D. Sullivan, P.E.
WFT Engineering, Inc